Forest Symbiosis Theory

Concepts of forest symbiosis housing and forest medicine for foreigners.


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Contact environment of the residence

Contact environment and floating feeling
Ochiai: The material of the floor is very important. Many people think that they want to make the floor from wood. Actually,the bottom of our feet is always touching to the floor. So the material that touches the back of the foot is very important. Of course I agree to use wood there. At the same time, the stability feeling that the foot stands on the ground surface is also very important. The high rise apartment seems to be popular nowadays, but it is because some sense is becoming insensitive. for person not accustomed to a high place, a distinctive floating feeling is disgusting. After all, floating from the ground does not match the human sense. That is probably a factor of stress. People should not live in more than a tree height(height of the forest) after all.

Static electricity living environment
Ochiai: Also, the problem of charging on the human body is serious. It is dangerous to put yourself in the electric field. The environment of artifacts is very charged. There is a potential difference with yourself, and weak current flows constantly in the body. That is our living environment. However, there is no place to be charged in the woods. Since all the electric charge flows on the ground, it is completely neutral in terms of electric potential. In order not to charge the house, do not float the floor with the earth structure. If you do not have space under the floor, you can escape the electrons to the ground so you can prevent the charging environment.

Heat capacity of the soil floor
Ochiai: There are lots of other benefits if you also make the soil floor. On the soil floor there is the ability to store the heat that is to say heat capacity. Compared with the ground, the tree building itself has not so much heat capacity. Therefore it is better to store a lot of heat on the ground surface. This heat can be used to make the temperature of the building. Controlling the indoor thermal environment with the building's own body temperature is the most comfortable and healthy way. It is called ground radiant heat environment.
Everybody sat on the ground as it was a warm floor in winter. The soil floor is comfortable again because it is cool with the natural temperature in the summer.

Make houses with naturally dried trees
Ochiai: We use wooden materials that are natural dry. Since natural drying is not dried with a high-temperature dryer, the tree's life function, such as humidity control function or aroma secretion function and air purification function remains in the tree. Now at a rate of almost 90 percent or more wood is dried at high temperature. Wood that has been dried at high temperature has lost its important life function.
Ochiai: You should build a house with trees that are natural-dried and have not lost their original life functions.

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