Forest Symbiosis Theory

Concepts of forest symbiosis housing and forest medicine for foreigners.

熟成/生命素材主義 英語版

Principle of ripening and life material

The tree that the sun and the earth produced is a life that is the most useful and valuable . The thing where the person and the tree which is the first-class product the global environment produced can live together in the dwelling is most luxurious.
What is the role that the "tree" of "house that is built with wood" should play a resident? It is never just a building framework,but should be an analogy of the forest where a clean feeling and the energy of the life are given to the person who lives.

However, most of the wood that is circulating now is withering the life. Not only moisture but also the enzyme element is completely vomited by the high temperature artificial dryness, the essence of the tree is lost, and being reduced to mere architectural construction materials .
The material of tree has the life, the living thing, the mystique and resonates with the person .At the same time ,it has appropriate physical properties as the architectural components material. Moreover, it ripens at time, and make the space mellower. Such a material can not be found in this planet.

First of all, the artificial seasoning of the high temperature should be forbidden. It dries spending time with the leaf put forth,and naturally drying is good. This is a correct treatment to the living thing. The tree treated like that neatly reserves the enzyme and demonstrates the refinement of oil element. And, it appeals to resident's mind and body and it contributes to health. The improvement of resident's immunity has been proven also in the field of the forest medicine.

The moon seems to influence the event in the minute world like fermentation greatly. In that case, it might be able to be said that the tree is connected with the moon through the enzyme. Material mystery of the new moon trees in winter, such flower opens in it with all setting the Moon housing at night. At this time, trees that compose the space are relieved with the moonlight each other. You will be able to experience such a miracle.

熟成/生命素材主義 日本語版

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