Forest Symbiosis Theory

Concepts of forest symbiosis housing and forest medicine for foreigners.

Memo to Mr.Laki Senanayake(2)

Laki Senanayake 特集への準備(2)


Our evolved brains have the property of reasonably devising ideas, So we create a city and artificially develop ourselves around us. At that time, the naturality (circadian rhythm and 1 / f) is eliminated. . This is different from the programmed direction of genes. Here is the reason why modern people appeal many disorders physically and mentally.


The interior environment cut from nature is architecture. Therefore, it is inevitable to artificulate the interior. Therefore, a person created art to erase unpleasant artifacts. Excellent art has common 1 / f fluctuation. I know that there are many 1 / f fluctuations in Mozart's music and Toru Takemitsu's music too. If an object with 1 / f fluctuation occupies space, it can naturalize (1 / f) the place. Originally, there are two ways to bring artificial objects closer to nature and coexist. One is to cut out nature itself and add it like a flower arrangement, or bring out excellent art to the place.


To naturalize the inside of the building, you can create 1 / f fluctuation with excellent art and outstanding skills. So what is the difference between natural plants and art? It can be explained by the magnitude of the value of f. The fact that the value of f is large means that the energy is large. The work produced by a great artist has 1 / f fluctuation and its energy is great.


Originally people are programmed to live in harmony with nature, so our modern technology must also be applied in a direction to make symbiosis of nature . Nature's energy is so powerful that people can not continue symbiotic relationship unless we use great power. The energy that is used for this is the work that human beings should originally do. The present labor is based on petroleum resources expanding disorderly out of circadian rhythm. If artificiality advances continue in this direction, it will self-disassociate from gene programs.



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