Forest Symbiosis Theory

Concepts of forest symbiosis housing and forest medicine for foreigners.

What is urban forest symbiosis housing?

What is urban forest symbiosis housing

When considering a forest symbiotic housing, if you live in a forest of a tropical rainforest which is an environment adapted to human genes, it will be the best form of forest symbiosis by itself. However, we can not do it because we live in the city. So we must create forest environmental information in urban dwelling. The environmental information of the forest to be created indoors is light, which is sound, scent and skin sensation.

① Basically the fragrance is what the material produces. So we need wood from naturally arid region that keeps life function.

② Skin sensation is a thermal environment adjusted so as not to disturb the synchronization of environmental rhythm and internal rhythm.

③ The rhythm of natural light is no longer left in the sky in the city. Even in small spaces, you must assure the green of the trees in the garden and distribute that light to the interior to introduce the green light as an indispensable light. The introduction of morning blue light is also important.

④ As for the sound environment, problems are only considered to prevent sounds in urban areas. But be sure to remember that the rich and often noisy sound of the rainforest is a magical sound that calms the person and leads to deep sleep.

⑤ The taste sense will be described separately.

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