Forest Symbiosis Theory

Concepts of forest symbiosis housing and forest medicine for foreigners.

Chiba Tree Utilization Study Group Planning Interview

Chiba Tree Utilization Study Group Planning Interview

I think "nature" as a child rearing environment
"Child-rearing and nature" "Forest therapy and environmental education"
Mr. Toshiya Ochiai (Architect / Forest · Environmental Building Research Institute)

Part One

● What is the effect of forest environment on people?
Ochiai: My specialty is the design of architecture. My early architectural theme was traditional architecture. It can be said that it is a research to make architecture using the artisan's handicraft technology. Next, the research shifted to a method of incorporating natural energy to build architecture. At that time the idea of coexistence of nature and symbiosis of the environment was born. The question that occurred at that time was that what the nature was. When coexisting in the environment, I do not know what the environment is like. Somehow I can understand it in the image, but actually trying to incorporate nature, I do not know vaguely what I can specifically take in. However, later it became easier to assume that the specific form of nature is a forest environment.

Ochiai: It is difficult to answer the question of what is the identity of the forest environment. As a result of thinking with various trial and error, the conclusion that we met was the academic term "forest medicine". Where the human being was originally born was a forest environment. It is said that the place of origin of humanity is ITURIForest in central Africa. Human beings born there evolved genes in the forest for several million years. So, forest environment is the essential environment for people, that is exactly the concrete figure of the natural environment. So I began researching the medical effect on people in the forest. Then it became quite easy to understand the target. By replacing the vague thing called nature with the concrete thing called forest, the identity of nature becomes easy to understand. The definition of nature for people is a forest environment itself.

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Toshiya Ochiai

Author:Toshiya Ochiai
落合俊也(おちあい としや)
Toshiya Ochiai

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