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Concepts of forest symbiosis housing and forest medicine for foreigners.

The forest environment draws out the original sensibility of human beings

The forest environment draws out the original sensibility of human beings

Ochiai: I am hosting an event called "ESD and HL for Children". The word ESD is known worldwide. It is an abbreviation for “Education for sustainable development”.But I do not understand well if translated into Japanese. That's why ESD is not so established in Japan. However, it is necessary moral education for the future era.
Expanded capitalism spreads more and more in the market. As we move forward with development, it has become an era when it immediately affects the global environment. It is bad if there is no point of view to develop sustainably and permanently. Even we adults lack such an idea, so we need such education. However, children are the most suitable candidates for such education.

Ochiai: Take the child into the forest environment and try to touch the forest first. And notice the fun and greatness of nature. Then, study or make them realize how such grace of the forest leads to industry. Let them think about how people's activities affect the environment.To make woodworking experiences and actually touch forest components tie themselves to nature and make various experiences in total. We are doing such child education events ten times a year at forest therapy base throughout Japan.
Its target is children and parents(or relatives). This must be a pair. When I go out with them and see the situation, at first, the child is not like a child, there is no childishness of our time. At the beginning they are doing not a good attitude. Even if you say "Let's do gymnastics", it seems to be troublesome. They do not care about adults first, nor do they listen to what their parents say. On the other hand, parents are careful about their children. There are many such parents and children. However, if you experience ESD event with that therapy experience, the relationship between adults and children will change first. That was one surprise. Respect for adults is born. In short it is released when they are in nature. Contemporary society also seems to have a great stress on children. When it goes into the forest it will probably be released. The original self comes out. Then they will rely on their parents or adults are great, that kind of honest feelings come out. Such changes will appear in just about two hours and will be back in a good parentage relationship. I was surprised at such natural power.

Ochiai: That's what the power of the forest we are saying in the end. Now, by eliminating the stress that we and children have, we can solve almost every problem including modern illness. Stress is leading to most modern illnesses. So now modern diseases, lifestyle diseases, diseases of the mind are prevailing. Through the event I realized that releasing stress will save us considerably. The power of the forest is truly amazing.

Ochiai: The word called “forest bathing” itself was quite new and it was in 1982. It is about 30 years ago. Until then,of course we had the impression that the forest is pleasant place. However, it made it easy to imagine it very much. At the same time it was decided to try to verify it medically from Japan. That is why the International society of Nature and Forest Medicine (INFOM) was completed.
Various things have been learned through medical experiments, such as having a medical effect, getting immune power just by going to the forest, lowering blood pressure or getting stressed out.


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