Forest Symbiosis Theory

Concepts of forest symbiosis housing and forest medicine for foreigners.

What is Forest Therapy

What is Forest Therapy

Ochiai: The way of forest therapy is very succinct. That is using five senses. It is to release the senses. Can you release the senses at this place now? I think that you can not do it. Listen carefully, look closely with your eyes, feel the smell, also sharpen the skin sensation such as wind flow. You can not do it even if you are told to do it in this environment now. It can be done when going into the forest. The point is that environment.
In other words, entering into the forest can make the five senses work at the same time. Then you can hear various sounds and smell a lot, you can do various things at the same time. What we can do is to have five senses open at the same time. That's why stress is released. It is impossible to do so in an artificial environment. That is forest therapy. To say extremely in short, it is that kind of thing.

Ochiai: Just to do that, the medical effect you said earlier emerges.For example,it is amazing that immunity will improve. If the immune power increases by 30%, 40%, it will become a body that will not catch a cold. Or it can become a body hard to become cancer. It is prevention against various diseases by getting stressed. It includes mental illness.

Ochiai: That is the rule of nature. Even though it was not in a normal state with various stresses until then, but it got becoming in a normal state soon.


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