Forest Symbiosis Theory

Concepts of forest symbiosis housing and forest medicine for foreigners.

Forest medicine and sensory organ called mouth

Forest medicine and sensory organ called mouth

Ochiai: When saying the stimulation to the senses received from the forest, sensuousness like mouth seems to be in a special position. When I taste it, I do not understand what the taste is from the forest. It can be understood that eye is related to light,sound is related to ear, smell is related to nose, skin sensation is related to thermal environment etc. However, the relationship between the forest environment and the taste is a bit ambiguous because forest seems to have no taste.

Ochiai: When I think about it, humans body starts from the egg and get out of the intestines. It is the intestines that are first made in our body,then mouth and anus. After all, the structure of a person enters from the mouth and comes out of the anus from the tube structure. So mouth is important as the basic structure of human, not only to eat but also to be the beginning of various cultures and actions. So it is probably the most important thing for children to arrange cuisine and dishes, which is the first step in the code of conduct in human formation and culture. You can say that your mouth is controlling these things.

Ochiai: So preparing meals for children is not an unpleasant task, but rather a fun game and cultural thing. I hope you can link the actions to eat that way to culture.


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