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Human senses and dwelling

Human senses and dwelling

Ochiai: What is a forest? What is nature? It is human senses to receive and feel the information of the environment.
Therefore, it is easy to understand analyzing the identity of environmental information by dividing it into stimulus signals to the five sensory devices. The most obvious is vision. The forest is full of green light. The reason the leaves are green is because the leaves reflect and transmit the green light in the sun's rays. People who evolved in such an environment feel stressed unless they are as green as possible during the day. When we go to the green place, it feels somewhat pleasant because we are in a state where the genetic structure is oriented.

Ochiai: When thinking about the original human dwelling, it is important to consider how much this green is adopted and how much green light is taken in. However, there is no such idea in contemporary architectural planning. In addition, in terms of important light, in order for human beings to live healthily, we need a mechanism to reset the biological clock every day. For that, blue light in sunlight is necessary. The mechanism to reset the body clock every day by taking a blue light every morning is structured not only in the human body but in all creatures. However, modern dwelling does not have such a function. The light of the sun is used only by the idea of adopting it as energy at the most.

Ochiai: There's one more thing. We turn on electricity as soon as it gets dark in our modern life. It does not happen in the forest. But perhaps our urban environment will be quite bright. This is truly contrary to the natural rhythm. The biological life rhythm and the environmental rhythm conflict.

Ochiai: So in the housing, I think that something like such an interface of light must be secured with considerable importance. When getting up in the morning,blue light will come into your eyes naturally, or in the daytime you must be able to see the green light somehow. And in the evening we can make it dark as it is. Such a construction plan becomes necessary from the viewpoint of light design..


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